Maximise your ROI

Klustera is a mexican Startup devoted to optimise Digital Media budgets through Data Science applications.


Data-Science approach

We apply the most advanced Big Data technologies in order to discover enhance overall advertisers┬┤ results


Convergence is our culture

Klustera is a company that arises at the intersection of Data Science, Marketing Strategy and Creative Tech

Built on the cloud

We deliver High Performance Parallel computing solutions

Proven scientific methods

Our algorithms leverage machine learning techniques


We also deliver ad-hoc, on premise consultancy


Our automated tool delivers actionable insights and measurable results by leveraging the power of Data Science and Cloud computing.
Big Data for advertising

Monte Carlo is a highly efficient PPC optimization platform, built upon a HPPC platform on the cloud.

Data Science on the cloud

Nurtured with models coming from fields like actuarial science, data minging, genetics, econometrics and statistics.

Advanced marketing optimisation

Data visualization and automation platform for digital marketers, focused on ROI.

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